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Bringing communities together, one server at a time
We value growing together!

We value finding servers like us and growing with them via our Affiliate Program. We will give your server a nice shiny spot in our affiliates channel in return for our server in yours

Affiliate Benefits
Your help means everything to us!

In addition to your ad shown to the rest of the server, we will give you a nice shiny role and extra respect!

Partnership Requierments

There’s always a catch

For a server of our size, our requirements are not too harsh. You must have at least 2,000 members, 300 daily online members, and at least 100 messages sent per day by your community. For the Partner Messages we place in our server, we will not ping @everyone.

How to Apply

Reach out to us!

When you apply, make sure you give us your ad, your invite, and how you found Cessum. Once you have these things, either use the form below or DM a member of the yellow team your submission. If you choose to DM a staff, make sure you ask to partner before sending your ad, so it doesn’t count as DM Advertising.

Partnership FAQ

We will only make an exception if we have a very valid reason.

Yes! You can choose up to three other representatives in your server to have the affiliate role.

No, we do not affiliate with NSFW servers.

No, we will not affiliate with servers that violate Discord ToS. Does my server violate Disord ToS? Check here!


In the Application section please include:
1.) Your Server Advertisment
2.) Your Server Invite
3.) How you found Cessum
4.) What type of Partnership you are looking for (Active or Regular)